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Glass Wool Corrugated Tile(BM-T003)

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Glass Wool Corrugated Tile(BM-T003)

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Glass wool, or glass fiber, is a kind of man-made inorganic fibers.Glass wool is the molten glass fibrosis, forming cotton material, chemical composition belongs to glass is an inorganic fiber, has good shape, small volume density, low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, sound-absorbing performance is good, corrosion resistance, stable chemical performance.
1.L antibacterial mouldproof, ageing resistance corrosion resistance;
2.Sound-absorbing noise reduction, can effectively prevent the spread of voice;
3.Low moisture absorption, physical stability;
4.Strong shock resistance and high durability.

color steel sandwich panel


relevant parameter


color steel panel

thickness 0.256-0.5mm


color steel panel

thickness 0.256-0.5mm

plate width


plate length

clients can order according to the trim size

the thickness of the plate


insulation filler meterial

glass wool

unit weight 40kg/m3

the connection method

male female slot

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