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Light Steel Keel Villa-(V-201)

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Light Steel Keel Villa-(V-201)

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Light steel keel villa is the product which using light steel keel as main structure, with glass wool or rock wool as the main thermal insulation materials, internal and external wall panels can choose a variety of decorative materials to meet the requirements of personalized decoration needs.
Light steel keel villa can be use for villa, affordable housing and resettlement housing, office buildings, hotels, schools etc, which can be complete the complex design and maintain the beautiful appearance.
From villa to affordable housing and other different grades, light steel keel villa with flexibility price range to meet the needs of different prices.
Highly customize to fully satisfy the need of customers according to the customer’s individual requirements.

Clean and beautiful appearance indoor and outdoor.

Excellence thermal insulation----the wall panels with assembled connection, with good sealing performance and noise insulation, heat insulation performance.

Easy installation----the mounting holes and the pipe holes of light steel villa are prefabrication, 4-5 people can complete the installation.

Safe and durable----using light steel structure and waterproof panels to ensure the safety and durability of the houses

Energy saving and environmental protection----low loss and less construction waste.